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Working across the board, with CEOs, Managers, Middle Managers, Executives as well as lower level staff, we play a critical role as in:
  • Facilitating ‘self-awareness’, enabling each individual to value his own contribution to the organisation

  • Building strong interpersonal relationships and developing teams

  • Creating a sensitivity to diversity and gender realities within the workplace

  • Creative and intuitive interpretation of behavioural questionnaires

  • Process consultation

  • Channeling individual attitudes to benefit the organization as a whole

The context of our programmes is set in relation to the roles that the individual plays both in life and in work. Often, these are interlinked, thereby determining individual attitudes towards tasks.

During training, members are encouraged to shed patterns and old attitudes, experimenting with natural leadership as well as their own spontaneous management styles. By aligning an individual’s interest with those of the organisation’s, he / she is made to see the significant contribution that he / she can make as part of a team.

At the end of every programme, participants are encouraged to bring energy and passion into work and a desire to invest in their success with the aim of achieving overall organisational success.


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