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  • Study on the ‘Perceptions of Entrepreneurial Potential of Post Graduate Engineering Students of Anna University,’ Chennai. [Published by SEDME – Govt. of India- Vol 29, November, 2002]

  • Study on ‘Perception of Small Scale Entrepreneurs in Tamil Nadu’ regarding ‘Successful and Unsuccessful Qualities of Entrepreneurs’ [Published by SEDME – Govt. of India- Vol 30, September, 2003]

  • Presented a paper titled ‘The Entrepreneurial Personality: The Human Side of Small Scale Business’ along with Dr.T.G.Vijaya Ph.D. at AIMS International Conference held between 29th of March 1st of April 2009 at Dubai.

  • Published a researched article ‘The New Leader- An Emerging Butterfly’ – on Leader’s role on exercising influence on the organisation’s environment and the key behaviours that efficient leaders need to exhibit. [NHRD Network Journal- April 2009]

  • Published a research paper titled ‘Entrepreneurial Characteristics and Bheaviour Demonstration – A Comparative Study between Small-Scale Manufacturing Entrepreneurs and Service Entrepreneurs’ along with Dr.M.V.Supriya Ph.D. [Asia-Pacific Business Review, Vol. V, No.1, January – March 2009 pp. 56-60. ISSN 0973-2470]

  • Study on Impact of Entrepreneurial Characteristics Between Service and Manufacturing Sector Entrepreneurs [Published by Journal of Entrepreneurship and Management: Volume 1 Issue 3 October 2012]


  • Edited a book titled ‘Team Development and Team Effectiveness: A Facilitator’s Handbook,’ published by ‘The ICFAI University Press,’ Hyderabad, India. [ISBN: 81-314-0143-X].

  • ‘Creative Action Methods’ [HRD News Letter, Vol.20, Issue 2, May, 2004]
  • ‘From Larvae to Butterfly’ [The Hindu – Business Line, March, 2003]
  • ‘Seven Qualities for Self-Management’ [The Hindu-Business Line ‘Catalyst,’ March, 2004]
  • ‘Tipping the Scales’- becoming aware of what it takes to positively impact organisation and personal growth – [The Hindu-Business Line ‘Catalyst,’ March 2005]
  • ‘On the Horns of a Dilemma’ - harnessing and cultivating a combined workforce? Understanding what is actually being said. [The Hindu-Business Line ‘Catalyst,’ November, 2005]
  • ‘The Interactive Force’ – on spiritual awareness when working in groups [The Hindu-Business Line ‘Life,’ February 2006]
  • ‘The Organisation and I’ – on how selfishness can be good for one’s career graph [The Hindu-Business Line ‘Life’ October 2006]
  • ‘Resistance, how to work with and around it’ – on working with resistance and restoring wholeness in an organizational change process. [The Hindu-Business Line ‘The New Manager’ March 2007]
  • ‘Lessons for the Small-scale Manufacturer’ – on the need for developing support system by small-scale entrepreneurs. [The Hindu-Business Line ‘The New Manager’ November 2007]

  • ‘Like Your Present?’– on constructive living and celebrating the here and now- [The Hindu-Business Line ‘Life’ December 2007]

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