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"The intervention created an environment for us to interact openly about behaviours that affected us in work. It provided an opportunity for us to vent our frustrations, which we don’t do in our normal course of work. I believe that the trust levels would be higher after the intervention than it was before"

"Your facilitation helped in understanding interpersonal issues and resolution"

"Better understanding of team dynamics"

"Understanding self and perception of others"

"We wanted to set the context for a meaningful relationship with our Clients and your programs brought us together"

"We are able to move forward in our interactions with our Clients and they are able to appreciate our role with clarity"

"Facilitated greater interaction within Functional Head's. This enabled greater co-ordination on operations through better understanding of each other's point of view, resulting in increased effectiveness towards organizational objectives"

"We were able to understand some facets of organization culture"

"Your Interventions helped us to interact more closely without depending on formal communication channels to resolve organisational cross-functional issues. It certainly removed the “Ice” and “Accumulated Baggage” and made us very ‘Light” with each other.

"Time and again, trust among people increased, able to communicate openly, sorted out issues, differences between teams interlinked with each other improved, among other things. You bring with you a wealth of information, plethora of understanding people and their issues concerning them. That is what impacts me about you, largely"

"I believe, with the last intervention, relationship with in peers have improved significantly, there are more dialogues than mail"

"The process gave a non-threatening environment to actually get to know as to how others see me and therefore offered me a few answers “why they behaved that way”"

"Your programmes were well-received by participants. Participants felt an increased level of self-awareness after the programme"

"Created Greater Trust and Respect for each other which has transformed the work environment"

"Built greater trust and meaningful confrontation among team members"

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